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I went home over the weekend and was it nice! I noticed a disturbing trend though. Chicagoans,
at least the ones I saw have totally lost their interest in extending common courtesy. You can hold the door for them and they
walk on through without saying a word of thanks, like it's your job to hold the door as they saunter on past!

One man that held the door for this family--with no one uttering a "thank you", was so incredulous that he told the people off! The man with no manners replied "Do you know where your blessings
come from???" Of course the man who held the door snapped back "That don't have nothin' to do with you sayin' THANK YOU, MAN!!!!!!!!!" The heathen still wouldn't say thank you...

I just had to shake my head in disbelief. Even online I'm noticing that people rarely say "Thank You".

What has happened to common courtesy in Chicago---in Cyberland??? What are your thoughts?

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This is a good topic and i feel you on this one. I am one of those type of people that's always saying hello how you doing, not just online, but offline too, it burns me up when no one replies, but i guess that's the world we live in today
True...it is indicative of the overall decline in standards of this world. Thank goodness not everybody is infected with the "spirit of this world" though, you and me included. I can't walk by a person without saying hello or thank you when someone extends a courtesy, like holding the door. It's unthinkable that a person could see someone holding the door for them and they just walk on by without the slightest acknowledgement! I saw it more than once over my weekend home in Chicago--too many times for me!

Online, it's just pitiful to see the lack of cyber manners. When someone takes the time to speak to you, uh....how much energy does it take to respond? *scratching head* It won't change me though. I am not going to allow anything to shape me into that negative mold. Don't you either. Just keep being YOU. *a wonderful lil musclemann tadpole* LOL!
You know me, i will always be the same lil musclemann tadpole....LOL
LOLOLOL!!!!! I know our conversations be makin folks think we from the moon! LOLOLOLOL!!!!
Hey y'all it is true that basic "CIVILITY" has taken a BIG HIT! I am just not sure why. Look at the screaming at the President just recently. Its like we have become a nation of BARBARIANS.
I cannot even fathom disrespecting the President of the US or any other nation. That shows you where we're at...but God's Kingdom is going to change all of that. People need to wake up.

But bring it on down to us commoners. What in the world? I, myself, went off one day..*gasp*
I held the door for this heathenette and she didn't open her mouth! I said.."YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The broad just looked at me. The same with driving manners. People are killing each other rather than yield!
2 Timothy 3:1-5

We are living during a time in history where unfortunately many have lost their connection to humanity. Our ability to live an independent life style has taken the place of community and social patterns of behavior that have been the legacy of our existence on the planet. Our since of connectedness to one another and our compassion for each other is little more than secondary and passing thought (if that). What we are witnessing is anti-social consciousness among peoples everywhere. This is fueled by conviences, entertainment, governments, many religious groups, and communications media sources. This sickening weakness in human behavior is perhaps more prevalent in western culture (particularly in the U.S.). Unfortunately, those most affected usually become calloused first. Attitudes of kindness, compassion and generosity instead of being worthy virtues become just another reason to be divisive (as in health care reform).

I believe the answer is in a song (edie you can relate to this LOL). Steveland Morris wrote these words in one of his most celebrated "albums"...Which, without irony reflects the philosophies and teachings of all major religions including christian faiths. Here are the partial lyrics that contain the answer to the problem...
"Love's In Need Of Love Today"
Good morn or evening friends
Here's your friendly announcer
I have serious news to pass on to every-body
What I'm about to say
Could mean the world's disaster
Could change your joy and laughter to tears and pain

It's that
Love's in need of love today
Don't delay
Send yours in right away
Hate's goin' round
Breaking many hearts
Stop it please
Before it's gone too far

The force of evil plans
To make you its possession
And it will if we let it
Destroy ev-er-y-body
We all must take
Precautionary measures
If love and please you treasure
Then you'll hear me when I say

Oh that
Love's in need of love today...Chorus...

You know that hate's
Hate's goin' round
Breaking-hate's tried to break my heart many times
Don't-you've got to stop it please
Before its gone too far

Love's in need of love love today...Chorus...

Hate's hate's
hate's goin' round
Bring it down a little love is very peaceful
So bring it down a little

Well, please stop it
Um L-O-V-E love Oh, L-O-V-E lo---------ve
love's in need
of love today
don't delay
right away
Just give the world LOVE

I guess it's just up to us to continue to give the world love without expecting knowing that we may never recieve that loving-kindness back. Our motive for showing love and respect should be the sharing of love itself, even in the face of apathy and outright opposition..."Love Never Fails"...even if we see no outward signs in people around us our collective displays of love have an affect on the spirit of the world.

"Just Give The World LOVE"...
I agree wholeheartedly Brother Lydell...excellent response.
You go L*...I enjoyed reading your response! And you got the music with it...!!!! *clapping*

You are absolutely correct too. You have to be determined not to be molded by the prevailing loveless
standards less you be swept away by them. It was funny when I went home. I noticed the thankless attitudes
even more. It was stone twilight zone to see this man clearly see a courtesy extended to himself and his family and not say "thank you". What lesson is he teaching those babies that were in tow? I applauded the man that was holding the door---he went off! But the killer is how the rude man responded, talkin some ying yang about "Do you know where your blessings come from..?? " It was soooo ridiculous! The same energy expended to say THAT could have been expended to simply ...say....merci beaucoup (thank you very much).

You aptly cited 1Timothy 3:1-5...the fierceness can be observed everywhere--especially on the roads. It's scary and exciting all at the same time--because it points to the rest of the Bible's fulfillments--namely, a brand new Heavenly Administration over the earth where peace and love will prevail. Tell me I can't wait! LOL!!!

Bravo Lydell! And thank you for commenting... :)
it even goes deeper than that Edie ... strangers I can dismiss, but have you also observed that in relationships and with family members or with friends...a thank you is rarely spoken...and to tact on "please" on the end of a request as in "can you pass the butter....please?" is an unspoken word. The next time you take your significant other to dinner, notice if they say thank you.
I know Z*...but there are still some of us left, thank goodness. We were raised with manners. You would get slapped in the mouth if you forgot to show common courtesy. Both of my parents not only taught us by word, but they demonstrated by action. Our children 'study' us intently, too.

Look at that "Balloon Boy" fiasco! What lesson was that storm chaser man teaching his boys?? But I digress.

The Sovereign of the Universe even graciously says "please"....so who are we not to?? Job 38:3

Thank you for your feedback Zero :)
It's not only in Chicago that common courtesy is not being used. IT'S EVERWHERE !!!!!!!!!!
I to have noticed the words thank you and excuse me is not being used very much these days. One day I was on the bus, the driver saw people trying to cross the street to get the bus, so he waited. When they got on you would think the first thing they would say is thank you.....did you say it ? They didn't either......I just shook my head.



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