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I went home over the weekend and was it nice! I noticed a disturbing trend though. Chicagoans,
at least the ones I saw have totally lost their interest in extending common courtesy. You can hold the door for them and they
walk on through without saying a word of thanks, like it's your job to hold the door as they saunter on past!

One man that held the door for this family--with no one uttering a "thank you", was so incredulous that he told the people off! The man with no manners replied "Do you know where your blessings
come from???" Of course the man who held the door snapped back "That don't have nothin' to do with you sayin' THANK YOU, MAN!!!!!!!!!" The heathen still wouldn't say thank you...

I just had to shake my head in disbelief. Even online I'm noticing that people rarely say "Thank You".

What has happened to common courtesy in Chicago---in Cyberland??? What are your thoughts?

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That don't make no doggone sense! I even say thank you when I'm getting off the bus--for the driver's services.

The world is messed up. People have to determine on the inside that they will use good manners and do it.
And teach their children too! Too many Bay-Bays runnin around.
I work with children everyday and you would be suprized of the few that thank you for something. Some of them will just walk up to me and say " tie my shoe", I stop DEAD in my track and say EXCUSE ME can you ask me to tie your shoe using your manners, you have them and they want so bad to be used.Then they will say will you tie my shoe please with that I say sure I will and give a big smile.After that they will remember to use the words thank you.
Beautiful, Bert.

Children are such sweet mold-able little things. If they are guided and taught, they will use manners.
Thanks for sharing this.



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