The Force MD's 2009 and The Next Generation

Before i begin this blog, i would like to pay my respect to 2 members of the group that are no longer with us, May They Rest In Everlasting Peace...

Charles 'Mercury' Nelson (Dec. 19, 1964 - Mar. 9, 1995)

Antoine "T.C.D." Lundy (February 3, 1964 - January 21, 1998)

This was my favorite group in High School and throughout the early 1990's and it's good to see them still going strong all these years later, it is even a bigger thrill to see the sons carrying on the legacy of their fathers...I was blown away at how much TCD Jr. sounds just like his father....

The Lengendary Force MD's 2009

5iveL...The Next Generation Of The Force MD's (checkout TC Jr. at the end)


Force MD's - Here I Go Again

. -

Force MD's - Love is a house

. -

Force MD's - Tender love

. -

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Comment by Edie Antoinette on May 25, 2009 at 8:14pm
Excellent work on this Sole7..and info. Just excellent!

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