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Ok, I just wrote a response to this and then thru my own clumsy self, clicked out of it without posting...but I am a flury of brain activity after having seen this...My heart and my mind need to come together for me to comment on all I have learned...I took notes and scurried like a little mouse to get it all down, and then I would rewind it and watch parts of it again. I am so grateful for having watched it...Thank you sis, we will discuss it later I am sure, I feel like I have so much to say, but I need time to let it all settle on me first...as I really never paid much consideration to Nelson Mandela til we saw Invictus together...what a treasure, and this really made me think about what an effect one person can have on so many lives....and then realize , "he is a man, not a saint", but what a Man he is.
I've done that before...not to worry. They expire the movies at times so Madiba is gone and a classic has been put in it's place. Momma took me to see this when I was 9...I bugged her to tell me during the movie what "Obsessed" meant.. she kept shushing me and saying to watch the movie, she'd tell me later.

When we got home she was on the phone with her girlfriend and I heard her say.. "Child, Edie kept asking me what "obsessed" meant! I didn't know child..I just kept telling her to watch the movie!!!"
ROFLMBO! I remember it as clear as day. Sweet Momma. We lived on 69th & Peoria-Chicago and went to the Empress---The real Empress. Never dreamed I'd be putting this movie up on my site 50 years later... *sigh*
And now it's been updated AGAIN! LOL!!! I ain't just a pretty face. I be in there changin them reels! LOL!



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