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At 8:29am on September 21, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Good Morning Tone My Tone. I will try my best! Thank you ♥
At 12:04am on September 21, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
You just made my night putting Jr. Walker up. You are a true angel man! Thank You ♥ That was me and my first husband's SONG! We would play it over and over and when it got to the ladies singing at the end we would go CRAZY! We had a McIntosh with Cerwin Vega Speakers and would crank that bad boy on this one. I am SO grateful for you Tone. *sigh*
At 1:36pm on September 20, 2010, Shelley "SoleMann" King said…
Tone my Brother, i have always wanted The 24-Caret Black "Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth" album, thanks to you i now have it come checkout my new page
At 1:02pm on September 20, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Lawd you gone make my head burst from co-fusion as Oprah said in Color Purple! LOL!
You mean it WAS the Main Main??? *holding head* ROFLMBO!!!! You are going to make me famous and then I will split the proceeds! LOL! Let me go see.
At 9:45am on September 20, 2010, Shelley "SoleMann" King said…
Good morning to you Tone my Brother, you even got some old school rap on your site that brings back memories...LOL. I enjoyed the latest music that you put up, my Uncle Beany was over here for hours yesterday listening to some of your stuff.
At 9:26am on September 20, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
The pop-out player works too on it at jamz for the soul.
At 8:34am on September 20, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Bwaaaahahahaha! Tone you are a SugarPop! I am honored but the four Maze cuts don't work because I can't get into the site I hosted them on to fix the url's. But oh well---I am MOST honored!
At 3:05am on September 20, 2010, KnightD12 said…
Nice Playlist Tone
At 1:00am on September 20, 2010, Old School C said…
My brotha Tone!. Man its been a couple years, good to see you brotha. Ive been hangin in there. Thanks so much for the comment Tone. This is like a family reunion man I tell you lol. From Imeem to here, we've all known each other for quite awhile. Im happy we have been able to keep in touch for so long, its truly a blessing. Thanks again brotha.
At 2:31pm on September 19, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
I'm going to re-listen to it with a new joy--- ♥ Thanks to You
At 2:30pm on September 19, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Stoppit! For real???? Only YOU Tone. Only You. That middle playlist is ME but I didn't think anyone in this world was paying it any attention! You have floored me!
OMG! See? That's what I'm talking about----- you have absolutely CAPTURED me for life!
At 9:07am on September 19, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Tone, you have made my year, let alone day or week

I have 3 Playlists on the Main. Which one are you referring to sweetness? The one in the Middle Top or On the Left top, Which is actually The Slow Jams Playlist? Let me know so I can thrill myself vicariously. Love You Tone and Thank You for Being YOU.
At 10:35pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Awwww Yeah... "The Love I Saw In You Was Just a Mirage" is playing! *swaying and smiling like Snoopy dancing on the piano* I will say it AGAIN---You are Jamming On The One!!! Yes indeed! I have forgotten what I came in here for! LOL!

"Ooo Baby Baby"!!!! *sigh* Man! Uh, what was I ??? Oh yeah! Now I remember! LOL!
Sole had done a nice blog on The Magnificent Men
I'm off to find some sounds! *after this jam goes off* Whew!
I can't get out!!!! Blue Magic!
At 10:04pm on September 18, 2010, Shelley "SoleMann" King said…
You got some stuff i have been wanting to listen to for years...LOL. I have already saved the miracles city of angels, 21st century ahead of our time, and Stevie Wonder the jazz soul of little stevie wonder...LOL
At 9:48pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Thrilling!!!! I have added a bunch of stuff and to hear you say that is the BEST hug! I'm not kidding! I sure missed you. Thank you so much dear...and enjoy ♥
At 9:43pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Our Babies...Our Treasure.
At 9:32pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Your Baby Girls are stunning. One of them looks JUST like you! Your DNA totally.
You must be so proud... they are beautiful.
At 9:29pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
Peace Of Mind is a JAM! Whoa! I'm on it! I've heard this before but it's been years! I absolutely LOVE it!!!! If I'm not mistaken, Sole is into them too. The games afoot! ♥
At 7:44pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
You took the words right out of my mouth! We had us a BLAST with The Hunt. That's my FAVORITE thing in the world, especially when I find what I'm looking for. And you are the best I've ever seen at it! I was looking for something not too long ago, but I gotta jog this leaky memory. I'll let you know and thanks again for re-upping Power Of Love! Wonderful!!! I need to see if Sole was able to get the rar files. He needs WinRaR. That's what I use. If not I will do it for him. You need anything that I may have?
At 4:43pm on September 18, 2010, Edie2k2 said…
This place was not the same without you. I was just telling Sole. WELCOME HOME Where You Are Dearly Loved!

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Spotlight | Maze

The history of the Butlers/Raw Soul is dense, but for all of us music nerds, that's normal. It is not totally clear what year the Butlers actually formed but they released their first single in 1963 on Liberty Records. That single was "She Tried To Kiss Me" and another single followed on Guyden entitled "Lovable Girl." After the Guyden single the Butlers took a break not recording another record until the single "Laugh, Laugh, Laugh" was released on the Phila label in 1966. The group also backed Charles Earland and Jean Wells on one Phila single ("I Know She Loves Me"). 

As you might be noticing, the Butlers were doing a fair amount of recording but not achieving much success. The group's recordings sold regionally but never had the promotion to make an impact on the national scene. After the single with Phila, the Butlers moved to the Fairmount label (part of the Cameo-Parkway family) and released a handful of singles, some being reissued singles of the past. The Butlers were with Fairmount for 1966-67 and then moved to Sassy Records. Sassy released the group's greatest single (in my opinion) "Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)" b/w "If That's What You Wanted." A copy of that 45 sold for just under $500 last summer on eBay. Even though that isn't that much in the world of record collecting--it's still a hefty sum. The Butlers released another single on Sassy ("She's Gone" b/w "Love Is Good") that appears to be even 
harder to come by then the "Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)" single.


The true history become a bit blurred here as the AMG biography states that the Butlers last record was released on C.R.S. in 1974 (". However, between 1971 and that single, Frankie Beverly formed a group called Raw Soul and released a number of singles. Some of the songs recorded by Beverly during this period are "While I'm Alone," "Open Up Your Heart," (both on the Gregor label) and "Color Blind." "Color Blind" was released by the Eldorado label and rerecorded by Maze. Beverly's big break came when Marvin Gaye asked Raw Soul to back him on a tour. Gaye helped Beverly/Raw Soul get a contract at Capitol. Beverly decided to take the group in a different direction, a name change occurred, and Maze was created. 

The above isn't the most complete history of Beverly but hopefully someone will know a way to get in touch with the man or his management because a comprehensive pre-Maze history needs to be done on Frankie Beverly (his real name is Howard, by the way). Below you'll find every Frankie Beverly (pre-Maze) song available to me right now ("Color Blind" will be up soon). 

If you have a song that is not included below, shoot it over to funkinsoulman (at) yahoo.com and it will go up in the next Frankie Beverly post (later this week--highlighting Maze). Also, if you have any more information please share your knowledge. The Butlers material has been comp-ed sporadically (usually imports) but the entire Maze catalog has been reissued and is available. 

Enjoy.  "She Kissed Me" (Fairmount, 1966 or 1967) 
 "I Want To Feel I'm Wanted" (not sure which label or year) "Laugh, Laugh, Laugh" (Phila, 1966) "Because Of My Heart" (Fairmount, 1966 or 1967)
 "Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)" (Sassy, 1967)
 "If That's What You Wanted" (Sassy, 1967)

Frankie Beverly is one of those cats that has lasting power. He started in the music business doing a tour with doo wop group the Silhouettes and then formed his own group called the Blenders. The Blenders never recorded a single, Beverly wouldn't appear on wax until forming the Butlers a few years later. Along with Beverly, the Butlers included Jack "Sonny" Nicholson, Joe Collins, John Fitch, and Talmadge Conway.

Beverly would later enjoy great success fronting Maze and Conway would become a
well-known penning Double Exposure's
"Ten Percent" and the Intruders' "Memories Are Here To Stay." 
 While Maze is a phenomenal group, Beverly's work before that group will always stand out as his best (imo).

The Butlers produced tunes that most Northern Soul fans would kill for and Raw Soul gave the funksters something to pursue. If, by chance, you know of a way to get in touch with Frankie Beverly or his management, please drop me an e-mail. It would be absolutely great to do an interview with him about his pre-Maze work. He's still playing out, most recently doing a New Year's Eve show in Atlanta.
:: Funkinsoulman ::

The Sounds of Edie2k2

  1. play Maze — 03 Feel That You're Feelin'
  2. play Maze — 04 Somebody Else's Arms
  3. play Maze — 04 Southern Girl
  4. play Maze — Can't Get Over You
  5. play Maze — Can't Get Over You
  6. play Maze — Golden Time Of Day
  7. play Norman Brown — Night Drive
  8. play Norman Brown — Feeling
  9. play Norman Brown — Still
  10. play Miles Davis — miles 1
  11. play miles 2
  12. play miles 3
  13. play miles 4
  14. play miles 5
  15. play Marvin Gaye — I Met A Little Girl
  16. play Santana — 01 Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
  17. play Santana — 02 Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen
  18. play Mongo — 02. Afro Blue

Photo Essay: Chicago Then & Now


The Chicago River at Michigan Avenue

A construction crane can be seen in Cushman's photo, suggestive of the massive changes to that would transform the Chicago River over the next 40 years, changes that show no sign of subsiding. Only three buildings from Cushman's photo are now identifiable: the Lasalle-Wacker Building, Marina City and the Sun-Times Building, whose demolition started not long after I took my photo. By 2007 the Trump International Hotel and Tower will have risen -- and risen and risen, to a staggering 1,276 feet -- in its stead.

435 N. Michigan Ave.

Wrigley Building, Hotel Intercontinental and Tribune Tower: an interesting perspective in that it excludes any of the neighborhood's massive changes.

Wacker Drive and Clark Street

Wacker Drive and Wabash Avenue

Dearborn and Randolph Streets

I'm amused that both Cushman and I captured someone crossing the street carrying a light-colored bag in their right hand. Just about everything else at this intersection has changed, but at least one thing remains the same.

55 W. Randolph St.

When Cushman visited in 1963, ground had been broken on Daley Civic Center, which would be Chicago's tallest building from its completion in 1965 to the 1969, when it was eclipsed by the John Hancock Center. The 46-story Morrison Hotel, located at the geographic center of the Loop, is seen at the left of Cushman's photo. When it came down in 1965 to make room for Bank One Plaza (née First National Bank Building), it set a record for tallest building to be demolished.

Michigan Avenue and Huron Street

The Old Pumping Station on the east side of Michigan Avenue is still there, currently occupied by the Looking Glass Theatre, but it is obscured by trees. One notable addition since Cushman's 1966 visit: the John Hancock Center. It was completed in 1969.

800 N. Michigan Ave.

632 N. Dearborn St.

The former home of the Chicago Historical Society is now the Excalibur nightclub.

Southwest Corner of Dearborn and Erie Streets

Rush and Chestnut Streets

In 1966 the corner of Rush and Chestnut was a "go-go" lounge. By 2004 the building had come down and been replaced by an upscale furniture boutique, but it, too, is set to come down to make way for a new luxury condominium tower.

Corner of State, Cedar and Rush streets

The "Solomon-Cooper Drugs" sign remains, but Adolph's is now Domaine, and the old skyscrapers are obscured by new ones.

100 N. State St.

State and Washington Streets

Michigan Avenue from Randolph Street

The Michigan Avenue streetwall is relatively intact. The biggest changes may be in the buildings that tower behind it, such as CNA Plaza.

100 S. Michigan Ave.

1100 S. Michigan Ave.

The Skyline, from Adler Planetarium

This was one of the hardest shots to match up, so complete has the skyline transformed in 63 years. The only reference points I had were the breakwater and the steps of Adler Planetarium.

Navy Pier, from Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

Grant Park

505 N. Clark St.

675 N. Rush St.

Originally the mansion of "Harvester King" Cyrus McCormick, the site is now the 40-story Omni Chicago Hotel. McCormick was a teetotaler and agricultural industrialist who was instrumental in rebuilding Chicago after the Great Fire, but a strike at the McCormick Reaper Works led to the Haymarket Square Riot in 1886. He edited the Chicago Times for several years, and the Tribune's legendary editor Robert R. McCormick, "The Colonel," was his great-nephew. The McCormick Harvesting Machine Company would eventually become Navistar.

878 N. Clark St.

977 N. Rush St.

Canal and Taylor Streets

316 W. Erie St.

Cushman noted that the building has slipped from its "moorings," and the sign reads, "THIS BUILDING DANGEROUS CONDITION." The location is now a Coyote Ugly bar.




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Just listen to him. This is what young ones don't have...this will just make me want to give him...a cupcake! Continue

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Chris Tucker was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!


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